Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Made for Walking

The Oldest Girl now has high heels. And I mean, very high heels. At the beginning of this school year, I tried to convince her to get a pair of low mules. She’s never worn anything except flats and tennis shoes and she resisted. But something happened this year. I think it may have been called “Continuation”. All the girls except 2 wore heels. Those two girls were my daughter and her very un-cool best friend. So, the day after Continuation, when I suggested we go shoe shopping, she was overjoyed.

I was thinking she’d try some mules. After all, heels can be tricky, not to mention the whole fear-of-heights thing she inherited from her father.

To my surprise, not only did she choose 2 pairs of low tacones, but she also chose a pair of 3 inch sandals. At first, I thought about nixing the sandals. After all, she’s only 12. But then I thought about the shoes the other girls wore, and about what it means to go into Junior High, and I decided to honor her knowledge about her peer group. It’s a fine line, this wanting a child to fit in but to also be more than just a peg in the social machinations. After all, I kept her out of cheerleading in Texas. What more can a mother do?

She’s been practicing, and so far, there are no broken bones. It reminds me of when she learned to walk. Those teetering, Frankenstein steps, grasping out for a handhold on furniture and walls. By the end of yesterday, though, she could do stairs with confidence, if not exactly grace. But these are the mules she’s trying. We’ll see what happens when she tries to play Dragon Warriors in her new sandals.