Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Big Bag of Cow Manure

Spring is here! Oh, wait, no... There, I think I see it... Nope, not that, either. I’d rather have 80 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next than all in the 50’s, but even I’m getting a bit tired of the back and forth, snow then shorts spell we’ve been having.

I’m getting tired of the government, too. All of ‘em. They have one job to do--run the government. That’s what they were hired to do. At this point, I’m not even expecting new, beneficial legislation. I just want them to pay the workers. Just sign a stupid budget already! If it were up to me, I’d spank ‘em and send ‘em to bed until they learn to get along.

I wonder what would happen if everyone worked as well as Congress. Microsoft is the only real-world analogy that comes close--will it turn on? Will it save my document? Will that stupid little paperclip pop up on my screen yet again? Which may be why I switched to a Mac. If an outfit looked as dumb as the US Congress looks, I’d wear it to punish my children. If a maid thought she may or may not clean the toilets, may or may not mop the floor, may or may not show up for work, she may or may not eat, and that’s the end of that career. If I took care of my kids the way Congress is taking care of the people, CPS would step in sooner than you can say “government shutdown”. I could go on all day, but there are tulips in my front yard and I think I’ll go shovel some manure onto my garden. There’s another analogy in there somewhere, but you get it.


wej said...

great analogy...Of Eagles

Bianchii said...
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