Monday, March 7, 2011


Kegel balls.

If you’re a man, you can just stop reading right here because you’ll get all embarrassed and you’ll have to do something manly to compensate, like spit snot on the ground or go hunting.

Back to the normal-chromosome people:

Kegel balls.

This is for you, MurrBurr.

It turns out that one of the reasons women have a challenging time holding in the pee is that we’re not kegelling correctly. So a vocal, unashamed friend told me about Kegel balls.

Now, I tried to google this, but I blushed when reading the first 5 hits, so if you care enough, you’ll have to sort through the websites yourself.

But here’s what I’m thinking would be the problem.

After you use them once, how do you clean them? Dishwasher? Soak ‘em in the sink?

I’m surprised my gym doesn’t have a rack of them.

Someone needs to tell you about these sorts of things, so I’ve taken on that burden. Thank me with chocolate. I’ve almost run through my bag of Hershey’s.


buttercup said...

So do you have some now? Has it strengthened your kegel muscles? You need to give more details. You've left me hanging here....

Shelly said...

#1: Had to google..
#2: On a bus???? If I were to use such an item, it wouldn't be while riding a bus...
#3: Gold Plated? Seriously?
#4: If I were to ever again refer to such an item, I'd have to call them Ben Wa's..IF I were to refer to such things....


murrburr said...

Bahahahahahaha!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! This made my day!!!