Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Angels and Demons On High

I love all things Annie Lennox. If she sang a Vioxx commercial, I’d download it from Itunes. There has never been anything Annie that I didn’t think was the greatest creation to come out of a woman’s mouth.

Until now.

At first, I was all excited that Annie had finally done a Christmas CD. And then I listened to it. And it’s sort of like the Devil singing hymns of praise. Or like Godiva giving modesty advice. Or Yogi Berra teaching public speaking. Or any football player saying anything at all. Should I go on? This is sort of fun.

Sting did the same thing to me last year. He has a “winter” CD which made me want to pour acid in my ears the first time I listened to it. There were exactly 2 songs that didn’t make me want to commit suicide, and even those, if you listen to the words, could send a normal person into fits of depression. This year, I’m finding that except for one or two songs, I’m actually enjoying it. You may call it maturity. I call it fatalism.

But Annie? You’ll have to sample it from Itunes--start with Lullay Lullay (Coventry Carol) and work your way down.

Now, doesn’t it sound like the Anti-Christmas? Dean Martin, he does Christmas. Barry Manilow even does Christmas. But Annie? She should stick to Halloween.

Tori Amos does Christmas, too, and while her voice is sweet and ethereal and made my High School boyfriend have visions, she can’t stick to one time signature, which makes the mostly-simple Christmas melodies hard to listen to for more than 10 minutes. But that’s okay, because most of her songs are only about 6 minutes long.

Two of my favorite new songs are free on Amazon. Fleet Foxes does one called “White Winter Hymnal” and Little & Ashley sing “Winter Night”. If I were more computer savvy, or if I cared more, I’d figure out how to post them here so you could be lazy and listen to them without doing much. As it is, you have to actually click. Don’t worry. I’ll still be here when you get back.