Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life Is Hard For Me

“It’s no fair if my sisters get pizza and I don’t! You don’t know that life is hard for me!” The four year old does not like the consequence of her dinner choices last night. Her plate held one piece of pizza (cheese), one breadstick, one piece of broccoli, one baby carrot, one grape tomato and one slice of cucumber. Bets on what she chose to eat? Surprisingly, after polishing off the pizza and breadstick, she didn’t have room in her tummy for more food. Well, there was room for an otter pop, which she did not get, much to her unhappiness. I told her at least a dozen times that if she chose not to eat the veggies, there would be no junk today, Saturday. No pizza, no cookies, no ice cream, nothing. Because I’ve noticed that my two youngest daughters will only eat naturally-occurring foods if they have no other option. I’ve thought about letting them make those choices, those high-carb, high-sugar, low-nutrition choices. I’ve thought that, in the short term, it would be easier not to have those battles. And then I wake up and realize that having fat kids with dental problems carries its own sort of battles. So, the veggie rule is in force. And I have no idea how hard life is for the baby girl. This, after she made cake in her Easy Bake oven all afternoon yesterday, ate 3 large snickerdoodles, a bag of Cheetos, large handfuls of Cheese-Its, and blueberry pancakes. Okay, so the 7 blueberries in the pancakes contained some vitamins, but I don’t think 7 is a full serving, and I think any nutrition was wiped out by the spoons of sugar she piled on top.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We find a snake skin outside the back door. It’s about 2 feet long, probably left over from the Volunteer Mouse Eater Brigade of last year. It’s intact, very cool, with eye bubbles and everything. 7 year old and her friend exclaim, touch, smile. 4 year old exclaims, touches, smiles. 7 year old lays it carefully on the carpet by the door so that 11 year old, when she surfaces, can exclaim, touch, smile.

Infant One finds snake skin. Infant One eats snake skin. No exclaiming, touching, smiling for 11 year old. But, gee, Infant One sure seems pleased with himself.