Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every Body Eats Part 3

When they’re outside, rats pee on them. Bugs crawl on them. Birds poop on them. It’s not like digging one out of the trash is any nastier than its natural state. So the tomato was under some stuff. So what? I washed it. With hot water.

In an age where mass packaged lettuce can give you ecoli, I figure a little kitchen garbage isn’t going to hurt more than eating in general. There’s bacteria in my Tylenol, salmonella on my strawberries and cancer in the cell phone my son chews on. (How else can I get through a Costco experience? Just walking into the behemoth makes the baby wail. I’ve gotta get my package of 182 diapers.)

Besides, we were having hamburgers and tater tots. Garbage on the tomatoes was the healthiest part of the meal.

I had a friend who once railed on people who taste test while cooking. Oops. Glad she didn’t see all the fingers in the bowl of the chocolate chip cookies we made and which she was eating.

Makes you wanna come over for dinner, don’t it?