Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chasing the Dream

I’m starting a business. Actually, I’ve had the business for 10 years, but I just recently named it. Recently, like, 10 minutes ago when I called the Chase United Mileage Plus get-me-a-card-and-miles phone number. They asked what my employment status was. I didn’t think “living off whatever the man in the family can catch and kill” would get me a card, so I told them I was self employed. Fine. They asked me what line of business. I nearly choked, but Hal had prepped me, so I said, “Photography.” Then, the sneaky boogers asked me what the name of my company was. I’m so clever and so creative that you’d better hold on tight while I tell you the name.


Photography, Inc.

And to think, I used to be good at lying. Perhaps I only know how to lie to native English speakers. So, good move with the outsourcing, Chase! You rascals.

Then, while mulling over my now-stuck-with-it stupid business name, I decided I could be witty and call it...

Photography Ink.

Sort of like LA Ink, but without all the boobs and swastikas.

Here’s the deal with my business, though. I don’t actually do anything. I mean, other than think about what I would do if I weren’t so nervous, if I had a studio, if I had lights, if I had enough gumption (I’ve always wanted to write that word) to haul myself down to Office Depot to make business cards. I really think that the best thing, for me, about my new Self Employed status is that I really don’t have to answer to anyone about how I spend, or don’t spend, my time. In fact, I think I’ll reward myself for a good job undone by giving myself use of the company credit card to go get dinner. If, that is, Chase is stupid enough to approve me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vote for Meredith

Here's Mer's Glee audition. Give the girl a gold star and make sure she wins.