Monday, December 20, 2010

Random List of Vital Facts

About Us in 2010

Underwear: what the baby likes to wear on his head.

Lint: the baby’s favorite toy.

Chocolate: the baby’s favorite food. Also, Mama’s best friend.

220: number of pounds I’ve gained since graduating High School.

220: number of pounds I’ve lost since graduating High School.

1: number of gay boyfriends I had in High School.

1: number of friends I knew in High School whom I still see regularly. Note: the friend and the gay boyfriend are not the same person.

Babysitting: what Oldest Daughter is currently doing.

Avoiding Chores: what Youngest Daughter is currently doing.

Eating Rolos: what Mama is currently doing.

Hens: what I’m trying to convince Hal we need in our suburban yard-scape.

*@$@ NO!: Hal’s response to my brilliant idea of raising hens.

GoatHerder: what Hal would really like to be.

Heiress: what I would really like to be.

Sting: the only concert I would give up my children’s college education for.

$5.78: the amount of money set aside for my children’s college education.

Serengeti: what I’d like to see before I die.

Her own cell phone: what my oldest daughter will see over my dead body.

3: current number of irreplaceable, must-have-to-sleep stuffed bunnies in our house.

1: number of real bunnies owned by members of our house.

0: number of animals I would like to have in our family.

1: number of dead pets buried in our yard that I know about.

Sleep: what I would really like to have right now.


buttercup said...

What?! Hal doesn't want to raise hens? Maybe you could talk your neighbor into raising them and tell her you will buy the eggs from her. Then she will think it is a good business venture, you get fresh eggs and no headaches from the whole chicken raising thing because it would kind of fall into that category of how many animals you want in your family (0) and keep peace in your marriage. You don't want chicken fights in your marriage. Am I the 1 from H.S. because if I am then I think we need to redefine "regularly." I question if I am the 1 since I didn't go to your HS (but I also had the same number of gay boyfriends in HS--although he didn't seem at all gay to me at the time. Did it shock you that mine turned gay? I think I remember yu saying it didn't ahock you that yours turned gay.:) xoxo)

Big Bahama Mama said...

I thought probably mine would turn gay, sort of that whole Turning Japanese thing he had going. But yours? I thought yours was much more likely to turn Porn Star.
Yes, you're the one from HS. I could have put "0" for that one, since we didn't go to the same HS, but then I'd feel like too much of a "0" and wanted to bolster my numbers a bit. I almost counted Juli and Paul, since I hear about them occasionally, but thought that would be a misuse of accounting. And what do you mean we need to redefine regularly? I see you more than I see my own siblings. Ooops, hope they don't read this.

Shelly said...

So the hens wouldn't be family members, huh?!?!

buttercup said...

Maybe I just need to move to your neck of the woods, then I'd enjoy our "regularly" more. So would our kids. They are always asking about yours. There are good universities there. We could move there once Ace (see I can use code names too...)gets his PhD. Although he seems to have his heart set on N.C. but the fates have chosen "Happy Valley" for us. We may never leave!!!!Gah!

And how do we know mine didn't turn porn star? He's into film. He could be. I don't want to think about it.

BlueSkiesBreaking said...

This sibling is reading this and I am pretty sure that I talk to you more regularly than anyone who lives out of state! And if you want to add numbers, you can add 1 for me to the number of guys I've dated who have turned gay. =o)