Friday, November 12, 2010

Tooth Fairy and Other Mistakes

Santa Claus never forgets. The Easter Bunny never forgets. But that darn Tooth Fairy? How many times has she missed one of my children’s teeth? She always makes up for it, but, shoot, it’s not a fun adventure, wondering if she’ll come tonight, or wait a week.

We have friends who don’t get money from the tooth fairy if the tooth had a cavity. If I were a kid, I’d want the tooth back. You can’t have the tooth and the money, too, honey.

My kids get to choose: cash or a surprise. For Middle Daughter, that usually means candy. So far, no cavities, but we’re working on it. Her teeth are growing in so funky, she deserves all the solace she can get from other sources. One tooth is growing from the bottom of her gums in the back. She’s got big teeth and the first to come in took all the available real estate. I blame her father. She might have inherited her personality from me, but the mouth thing is all in her dad’s gene pool.

Youngest Child also has big teeth. With 8 teeth, his mouth is about full. On the good side, no one will beat him in a biting contest.

Youngest daughter swears she has 5 loose teeth. She does not have large teeth. Nor are they loose. Not any of them. That doesn’t stop her from walking around to each member of the family, making us try to wiggle her teeth. How do you tell her the truth when she’s staring at you with those hopeful brown eyes? “Keep wiggling it,” I tell her. I mean, eventually it will be loose, right? In a couple of years. Who knows? With enough candy, her teeth might come out earlier than expected.


buttercup said...

We must have the same tooth fairy because ours takes days, weeks and sometime MONTHS! What a slacker! We should fire her and get a new one!

Amabelle said...

This is hilarious! You're a great writer. :) I love your blog!

berkle said...

you have been more than impressive, just keep your posts coming.

Joel said...

I couldn't resist laughing while reading this. Real estate huh? LOL. Having big teeth is quite common. Good thing there are always solutions to fix them. =)

-Joel Jackson

Bradley Bedell said...

Haha. I wonder why the tooth fairy missed all of his duties. LOL. My kid also waited for two nights for her money, so she got a bit disappointed. Haha. If only dentists can be tooth fairies, then kids would love to visit them every time their tooth aches. LOL.

Bradley Bedell