Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Snow

It’s First Snow today. That’s one of the best days of my year. We still have yellow leaves on the ground because I’m morally opposed to raking (or morally opposed to getting my tookus into Ace to buy that leaf rake or morally opposed to actually making the effort to move the rake along the ground to put the leaves in a pile and then, even more work, to load them into a paper bag, take your pick.) But this year, I feel more prepared for winter. I have jars and jars of lovely apple things, all preserved and waiting for Winter Doldrums to set in. I have quilts upon beds, books upon shelves and outdoor projects mostly caught up. I even tore down the garden this year, leaving the soil bare with its drip hose coiling around itself, looking for something to water and finding, sigh, not even a snake or mouse in sight. I think the mice have moved indoors, but I’m waiting for Hal to set the traps. I could do it, but I don’t want to dirty my dainty hands.

The garage hasn’t been Winterized yet. That means I’ve got so much crud all over the ground that my car won’t fit. I could look at it as an opportunity to build my character by scraping the snow off the car, or I could look at it as God’s way of telling me to make cocoa and stay inside.

I’m inventing indoor projects to keep me occupied while the world outside hibernates. I have 3 years worth of pictures to 1) download 2) label 3) put in albums. That could take the better part of my remaining life span. Or, I could bequeath it to my children after my death with a poignant note about how busy they kept me and how I documented their lives but didn’t have time to organize the story. That way, I could make them cry with memories AND guilt. That gives me extra credit in Mommy School.

Most importantly, I’ve slipped nicely into Bulky Sweater Zone. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that Christmas Food coincides with Cable Knit. Then, comes January and Resolution Time, which means I have to fight for a parking spot at the gym, but it also allows for a few months to lose the extra bulge before Bikini season, which is not actually Bikini season for me, but more like 1930’s Swim Costume season. Still, it’s nice to be thinner before I put on the black tights and wool skirt.

Happy Snow to you and may all your Novembers be White.

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halsadick said...

Nothing like combining "memories and guilt" into one for your children. They might let you into the Jewish grandmother club one day (once you are Jewish and a grandmother).