Friday, October 29, 2010

Becoming Irritated

I watched Becoming Jane last night. Hal was out of town and I thought I’d watch a good, sappy love story.

I hate that movie.

In my head, I knew Jane Austen never married. In my head, I knew the whole Pride and Prejudice ending wouldn’t work for her. And yet. And yet, Hollywood takes so many liberties, why not just one more? Why not add a note at the end, “And Tom’s wife died, so he ran back to Jane and they lived together in love and irony for the rest of their lives, which were long and happy?” I don’t watch movies for reality. If I wanted reality, I’d pay attention to my family. I watch movies for escapism, and my escapism demands a happy ending. And, no, the fact that he named his oldest daughter Jane doesn’t make it better. It makes him creepy. Don’t name your children after ex-loves. That’s rude.

Here’s another thing about movies. The whole “sultry man look”, you know, where he glares appealingly into the camera, looking dangerous, sensual and masculine, yeah, well, that doesn’t work in real life. If Hal tried to give me one of those looks, I think I’d laugh until I peed.

One more complaint about the movie. Where were the bad teeth? I like English people. Some of my best friends are British (that’s a joke for Sean), but they have notoriously bad dental hygiene. And yet, this movie that insisted on tearing my heart out and stomping on it because that’s what happened in “real life”, that same movie had Crest smiles on every single person, including Random Old People. If you’re gonna be real, be real, ya know?

On a good note, I did not find Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy) attractive. I kept thinking “Hobbit”. He’s the guy who played Tumnus in Narnia, and I think he would have made a good Bilbo Baggins. Although, in all fairness, this does NOT go on my list of “Ugly Naked Man” movies. Naked, yes. But not enough hair, not enough fat, not enough ugly to be on the list. I should write to the two naked butt men from the movie to let them know that. That will make them happy, I think.


Queen of the Castle said...

I watched part of that movie once. I just couldn't finish it. The acting was terrible, the storyline was terrible, I just couldn't take it. I'll usually finish movies and books once I start them no matter how bad they are, but not this one. Maybe someday I'll be bored enough to finish it, maybe.

BlueSkiesBreaking said...

You should run all choices for "sappy love story" by me. A)If I think it's an awful movie then it really is! And B)If I recommend it, take it to a second source, see if they concur and THEN you can watch it. There are some movies I would never recommend for anyone and some I would never recommend for you. That movie is an all the above kind of movie!

halsadick said...

I'm going to start working on my “sultry man look” and spring it on you during church.