Sunday, August 29, 2010

Name Dropper

The Boy has begun nursing again. I channeled my inner La Leche League and gave him many, many chances to nurse. I may never wean him. Is it so wrong to nurse a 1st grader?

Our school has become a “Healthy School.” Yes, that’s in capitals. It means, in short, that instead of maple flavored high fructose corn syrup on the french toast, the kids get shriveled blueberries in high fructose corn syrup. At what point does the fruit cease to be a fruit? Is it so hard to say, “Gee, tomatoes are in season. Why not do something with tomatoes?”

We also can’t bring treats in for our children’s birthdays, which is only sad because Just Started Elementary was looking forward to it. It also means they’ve canceled the Valentine’s Day party and are warning room mums that they are to bring healthful treats for Halloween and Christmas. Ooops, I mean the Fall and Winter parties.

Why the sudden interest in appearing so healthy? Money, of course. Our school gets a grant for ousting the nasty hot dogs and serving, instead, nasty pressed turkey.

It has not, though, changed the list of 37 items I needed to supply for Kindergarten. And then, after having bought all the junk, including the Prang brand watercolors and the cute little folder with the cuddly kitty cats, the teachers inform us that everything will be community property. Excuse me? I searched out Ticonderoga pencils so that my daughter could use those stupid triangle shaped pencils that no self-respecting Kindergartener would be caught dead with? If I’d known they were going to throw it all in the kitty, I’d have saved myself a lot of grief and bought RoseArt everything, thank you. I immediately went home and Sharpied my daughter’s name on the folder and the watercolors. This is my Republican self coming out. This is my deep, dark secret, the part of me that tries to hide from the prying eyes of the neighbors. Oh, sure, I’ll say that it’s fine, that I want other kids to have the best. And I do. But not if it means I went to 3 stores to find the right markers for someone else’s child while my own child uses Walmart brand products. It’s mostly about the effort, it’s partly about the cost, and it’s a lot about expectations. And, yes, this is absolutely the most important thing in my life right now. I’m so pathetic.


buttercup said...

On the whole "Healthy School" thing--I think it applies only from what the school supplies because the teachers are constantly asking the PTA to supply candy for certain parties so they can be done like they've always been done but still maintain Healthy School status. So it's OK for the PTA to sugar load the kids--it's just not ok for the school to do it.

Sara Padrusch said...

I completely understand the supplies issue and am right with you- plus I am a liberal! If they were going to put everything in the kitty then why not just ask for $10 from everyone and have the teacher buy everything in bulk? Everyone gets the same thing and mom doesn't have to drive all over creation finding the things on the list.

I find the lack of efficiency dismal.

You should homeschool!

Miss you!


PS. My captcha was coingit!