Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Master of All He Surveys

11 Month Old climbed the bunk bed ladder last night.

Obviously, swiping his feet out from under him so he can’t learn to walk has not been enough.

He also drank a glass of whole milk. From a cow, not his Mother Dearest. You see, he decided to wean himself (ouch). He went from 6-8 nursings a day to once, maybe twice, a day, all within the span of 6 hours. Oh, he plays a lot. But latching on? He’s much too grown up for that. Since he’s Last Child, I thought I’d nurse him for, say, forever. But apparently he also has developed an opinion about things I did not give him permission to have an opinion about.

Last night when I took away the pair of scissors he was jabbing at his eye, he dropped his body onto the floor, kicked his feet and screamed. 11 months old.

I think I can look at this in one of two ways. I can live in fear and trembling for what this means for our family when he reaches the strapping age of 3. Or, I can smile, take it as a sign of his destiny (world domination) and cancel that needless 401K.


buttercup said...

He has been watching the "masters" at work and is copying their style. And how dare he decide to wean just like that with no warning? That is not his decision to be made! :)

Anonymous said...

you got it!i like it!!!