Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dumb Words

Here are some things I’ve heard or read lately that were so brilliant I wanted to share them with you, my beloved readers. No, none of these was taken from my blog.

  1. “I’m like, the only white person back there!” Waitress at Jose Ruiz, a restaurant that serves authentic Mexican cuisine.
  2. “He’s tougher than you because he’s a boy.” Father of a 2 year old, talking to my 3 daughters. No, I did not smack him, but when he saw the death rays shooting from my eyes, his laughter shriveled up. I hope that’s not the only thing that shriveled up.
  3. “Keeping children’s hands away from their faces helps prevent cold and flue germs from getting in,” the genius Children’s Hospital on NPR claims. And how, oh-people-who-have-never-raised-children, do you suggest we do that?
  4. “For single use only.” And where did this rule appear? On a can of magnetic paint. Just in case you were going to paint it on a wall, take it off and then reuse it. Or, maybe you were going to cut the wall out, move it to another location, and use it there. That is not allowed, you rule breaker. Apparently I agreed to the “terms of use” when I broke the label stretched across the can’s lid. And I didn’t even call my lawyer first. I like to live on the edge like that.

One more thought, though not a “dumb word” thought, just a random thought. Burger King, why can't you get your french fries right? It’s not rocket science, you fat breeding grease throwers. It’s just a potato.


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Irish Cream said...

Problems with BK? Maybe it's the individual store.

Single use paint? I'm not sure what that means, exactly.

Oh, and I defy any parent of a boy to let said boy spend 10 minutes in a room full of my girls, or even any one of them (particularly my two-year-old girl) and see who comes out on top. I can tell you, my bets would be on the little one with the longest hair...