Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Social Climber

When First Born took her first step, Hal and I were so thrilled we clapped and cheered. Our reaction freaked her out so much that she sat down and didn’t take another step for 2 months.

When Last Girl first pulled herself up to a standing position, I started swiping her feet out from under her. Didn’t want to encourage that whole mobility thing. I’d learned so much from my years of parenting.

So imagine my dismay when, today, Last Child climbed the stairs all by his lonesome. Just to celebrate the 8 month anniversary of his birth, I guess. I’ve got to admit, his joy was contagious. But sort of like an STD. I was going to explain that, but my grandparents read this blog and I think it might be better if I shut my virtual mouth.

As soon as he reached the top, he sat back down. Which meant, of course, that his little diapered bum fell through the empty air on its way back down the stairs. I caught him, and he thought that was even better than going up the stairs.

How early would be too early for rock climbing lessons? If he’s going to move on his own, I might as well start channeling it for good.


Irish Cream said...

Crawling? Clmibing? Sounds like a boy to me!

I'm grateful my youngest, who is only a month older than your youngest, is still content sitting in one place. No desire to be on her belly, to roll, or crawl.

Ahhh, immobility is bliss.

Until they're too heavy/wiggly to carry.

Migaloo said...

Last Born chez nous was climbing the rock wall on the play center outside when he was around 20 months old. He's enjoyed climbing ever since. Now we have to specifically tell him what he can and cannot climb.