Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Heart Grown Fonder

My family is a wreak. We’re like Jericho after the walls fell. We’re like a dinghy on the rough seas of life. We’re the salty residue on skin after a day at the ocean.

The oldest child has gone to Washington DC for a week and left us bewildered by her absence.

Who knew she was such a unifying force? Who knew she shuttled around the family, keeping the younger ones separated and entertained, soothing mother’s frayed nerves at dinner time, carting around the Baby One so food could be made for those of us with teeth?

While she’s off visiting the White House, our house is in shambles. The two middle kids have spent more time crying the past 2 days than they have in years. Even Sheltered Infant knows something’s up and spent the good portion of last night howling.

She’s so never going to college.

Even our neighbors have lost their cultivation. We saw, today, that a family of foxes has moved into a house which has recently been vacated. Of course, I’d rather have foxes than the old neighbors, so I’m not sad. But you see that this is a trend, right? Our family goes native, the wild life starts taking over and pretty soon it’s anarchy in suburbia. All because one child had to go study national monuments.

Boy is she in trouble.


Shelly said...

Wow...better order the ankle bracelet now..... :)

buttercup said...

With whom did she go to DC? I think she shouldn't go either--especially with the wakre of chaos she has left behind!

Barbara Bee said...

Those are some pretty foxy neighbors:)