Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hair We Are

We’re combing hair. The 7 year old is the only one who will let me style her hair. The 4 year old has moved beyond me. That wasn’t hard to do, but it does mean that she occasionally doesn’t fix her hair the way Barbie Middle Daughter thinks she should.

So, there we are, in front of the mirror, the three of us. I’m putting low piggy tails in 7 year old’s hair. 4 year old is trying to hide her bangs by wetting the brush and pulling them over to the side. She then puts clips in them. Several clips.

7 year old has been trying to convince her to use fewer clips and let the bangs be themselves. 4 year old refuses. She doesn’t want any strangers to know she has bangs and she’s solved that problem in a very artistic way. By adding more clips.

7 year old has reached the point of fury. She’s moved from kinder, more fashion conscious older sister to Hair Devil. At this point, I step in.

“7 year old, let it go. Does it really matter to you what her hair looks like?”

And 7 year old responds, “I want her to have a bright future and she won’t because her hair looks dumb.”

Uhhhh, let me process for a moment. Some child, genetically related to me and my husband, has determined that in order to be fulfilled as a human being, a girl must have pretty hair. Even saying I buy that, which I clearly don’t given the amount of energy I put into my own hair, but just supposing I did, would I really agree that 4 year old hair determines 40 year old happiness? And would I think that a 7 year old gets to decide what is cool in the hair world? I mean, the child was bald for her first 3 years. It’s not like she’s got a world of experience.

Normally, I would sigh and say, “At least the last one won’t have those issues,” but I know that’s foolish. My brother is much more the Fashionista than any of his sisters put together. I’m just hoping that Son of Mine can hold his own when Middle Child on a Mission comes at him with a hair product.

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BlueSkiesBreaking said...

Maybe I will stop with my "It's okay because I'm pretty" comments...I think I may have influenced your child on this. ;o)