Monday, May 24, 2010

Copy My Swagger

Rib cages are a good design. For those of you who were thinking about getting rid of yours, I recommend keeping it. Here’s a hypothetical situation to illustrate why a rib cage should be kept in its place.

Let’s pretend there’s a girl who isn’t much of a whiz on a bike. We’ll call her “Mama”. Let’s say Mama goes for a ride on a paved bike path. It’s a beautiful day, 80 degrees and sunny. And let’s say that something distracts Mama. Like, oh, a house with its own waterfall. And if Mama were to crane her neck behind her to look at said pretty house, she might veer off the path and onto the gravel. And then, because she’s no Lance Armstrong, she might immediately try to pull the bike back onto the path, which, as any seasoned cyclist knows, is a bad, bad idea. Because the front wheel would catch on pavement and Mama would fly, head first, over her handlebars. Luckily, the voice in her head would say, “Roll! Roll! Roll!” Which means that she would smack her ribs on the handlebars, skid along the pavement on her arm and knee and say choice words. Actually, just one choice word, repeated over and over. But, back to the rib cage thing, had the now-sore and hurts-to-breathe cage not been around, those necessary but very hard and pokey handlebars would have gone right into Mama’s even more tender inner organs, which would not have been as quick to heal as the ribs. Hurray for ribs!

It was a very cute house, though.


buttercup said...

I thought this was a hypothetical situation....

Irish Cream said...

"Endo", bike speak for end-over-end. I've been warned of that, particularly on steep mountain biking trails when a front wheel can it a rut and stop moving, but the rest of you carries that same momentum you had before.

Oh, and OUCH! Sorry about the ribs hurting, but glad to know all those squishy organs are in good shape.

Oh, and we won't talk about gravel. Inexperience, gravel and a jeep that is over corrected and then flip upside down, wrap around a tree and catch on fire.

Big Bahama Mama said...

Oooow! Your hypothetical is way more painful and scary than mine.