Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am Mao

Hey! I have just become someone’s world! (See comment on previous post.)

I always knew I had the power to move someone to great heights. I knew that, given the right planetary alignment and moojoo, I could be a geophysical force to be reckoned with. I just thought that it would be someone who, well, I could actually communicate with on a two-way basis. But look at the incredible strength of that last blog. All about how intuitive I am, how I have my finger on the pulse of the nation’s food artery. I was witty, incisive and pithy, and because I have the ability to see and speak Truth, someone has finally publicly acknowledged that I am, in deed, the whole world. My arm reaches across the ocean and back.

Or, people in China have nothing to do and so they read stupid blogs like mine hoping to get a bit of free press.

When your life is as banal as mine, you take what you can get.

1 comment:

Barbara Bee said...

Hey, I think that is totally cool to have a post from China!