Monday, April 19, 2010

Every Body Eats Part 2

The oldest child has made dinner by herself. She has sauted the beef, onions and peppers. She has grated the cheese, chopped the tomatoes and set the table. All she needs is a microwave safe plate to heat the tortillas.

Remember this child? She’s the very literal one.

The directions in her new cookbook say, “On a microwave safe plate, heat the tortilla on high for 15 seconds.”

So, she gets a plastic microwave safe plate. It’s a lovely 1950’s shade of blue and I bought it at Target 3 years ago when we were remodeling the kitchen. It has great sentimental value, as evidenced by the 5 exact duplicates which are currently being used as fairy pools outside in the back yard.

Anyway, the plate. Oldest Child places a tortilla on the plate. And, as per the instructions, heats it on high for 15 seconds.

On the stove.

The gas stove.

With flames.

It is now a gas stove with flames and melted blue plastic.

Did I mention I really like the shade of blue?


BlueSkiesBreaking said...

I should not have read this with my mouth full of food. Hilarious!!!

buttercup said...

She should be MY daughter. Tell your daughter that I am talented at burning plastic onto the burners. It is a gift. I also start fires frequently. I think I am doing a service for my children because now they know how to put out kitchen fires. Last year when I was at camp and the oldest girl was cooking a fire broke out but was quickly and properly put out thanks to their mother's example.

Shelly said...

Laughed so hard I now have hiccups!!! Good thing she didn't get her hands on that cookbook calling for "salt and freshly ground people..."

Jody England Hansen said...

I do love the way you use the color blue in your home. This is a whole new method of decorating with color in the kitchen.