Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Don’t read this because it’s the lamest post ever. We’ve been parking--in the “slide and swing” sense, not the “teenager on a date” sense. Not that I ever parked as a teen--that would have been wrong, not to mention gross. Slobbery, non-brushing nasty boys...

Anyway, it’s beautiful weather, so I opted out of the “to-dos” and headed with my brood to the park. Then I picked up the rest of the brood from school and headed to another park. And now everyone is dirty, stinky, and absolutely peaceful with sunshine and fresh air. Me, too. I have the first forehead burn of the season and I’m feeling content, not to mention about a 9 on the Mother scale. (To get to a 10, I’d need to have refrained from the morning mantra “hurry, hurry, hurry".)

Back to the kissing: the 4 year old said, “Heidi’s mom and dad gave each other a true love kiss! And they’re even married!” Boy, was that fun to report to Heidi’s mom.
A true love kiss--and they’re already married.


halsadick said...

And did Heidi's mom awake, when true love's kiss the spell did break?

Irish Cream said...

Those yucky boys. Who would want to kiss 'em?

I LOVE that Spring is HERE (officially, if not meteorologically). I love heading to the park and enjoying the outdoors, and getting all stinky and sweaty and having a necessary (and not just mandatory) bath before bed. I'm so excited for SUMMER! (Then it's one park, no trip to pick up school kids)