Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympiad Rests

Two weeks before the opening ceremonies, I reminded my oldest that the Olympics were only 14 days away.

“I think I can be ready!” she said.

Lucky for her, swimming is a summer sport so she’s got an extra 2 years or so to polish her turns. Oh, and she isn’t 16 yet, so add a few more to that. Otherwise, I’m totally sure she’d be competing in the breast stroke.

Winter Olympic sports can be put into two categories: those that take a long time and those that can break your neck. I want my children to live their dreams, as long as those dreams require minimal ER visits.

Goodbye, Olympics. I enjoyed the half pipe, the women’s downhill, the speed skating/ice derby and aerials. I gratefully missed most of the ice dancing (seriously, do we need 3 nights of that?) and saw more of Johnny Weir than anyone except political prisoners should be forced to see. For all I know, they only played 2 curling games, one men, one women, and then aired them over and over. Other than the color of the uniforms and the genders, I really couldn’t tell one game from another. And I’m positive I didn’t see as much snowboarding as past years. PGS aired at 2:00 on Saturday. I so need TIVO.

I saw way more of Bob Costas than anyone except his mother wants to see. He looked better this year than in the past, but still, he’s no where near as exciting as Skeleton, and yet, every time I turned around, there he was. I didn’t really need to “get to know Vancouver” either. Do I care if the Mounties are ready? Do I care what it’s like to be a lumberjack (“I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay...”) I liked seeing Celski recovering from his injuries, and I like understanding why Rochette after her bronze medal finish reached her hands up to the skies. But I don’t want Costas to interview her. Let the young woman grieve in private, please. And I don’t want P&G to get yet another plug because they paid for the parents of a skater to join their daughter in Vancouver. You think I don’t know that you mention them because they’re funding NBC? In the same night, two other parents of a different skater were given money to travel to Vancouver by an “anonymous company.” I assume the company is anonymous because they don’t pay to advertise.

Speaking of advertisers, I saw the worst product placement ever. MSNBC was airing curling. They cut to the sports desk and sitting right on top was a carton of Ben and Jerry’s. Really? That’s your clever placement? Hand over the ice cream because you clearly don’t deserve it.

I enjoyed the census commercials. Sort of like “Best In Show” without the “don’t bother to pause it I’m headed to the kitchen” moments.

I think the best thing that could happen to the Olympics in the US would be for ABC or CBS to vie for coverage. It also wouldn’t hurt them to have the public vote on what they show. The poll could go something like this: more Costas or more sports? Ice dancing or Men’s Cross qualifiers? I caught the Jamaican guy in the qualifiers and it was about the coolest thing ever. He didn’t make it to the semifinals, so if you were working or something silly like that, you probably didn’t get to see him. But wouldn’t you have liked to see him, or some other non-cold climate athlete, compete? Someone like Robel Teklemariam from Ethiopia in the cross-country or Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong from Ghana in Men’s Slalom, Ghana’s debut at the Winter Olympics. Okay, so maybe they have no chance of winning, but wouldn’t it be cool to say you saw it? Talk about chutzpah, those men have it to spare.


Barbara Bee said...

Te hecho de menos.

BlueSkiesBreaking said...

And hockey, dear sister. Don't forget the hockey!! *Sigh*

Irish Cream said...

AMEN! Especially to the ER visits, the the overkill of airtime for Bob Costas, and the vote to see what viewers want (which will, sorry for you, mean more ice skating/dancing).

Still, I was quite perturbed (ok, shouting at Costas and my TV because I was so ticked) that they cut from the two-men bobsled race to the last 10 seconds of the Hockey game (in which nothing happened to change the game) and then aired 10 minutes of an empty hockey rink. WHAT!?!?

halsadick said...

Olympics is the one time our entire house feels the same about sports on TV.