Sunday, January 3, 2010

Educational Morning

Saturdays at the gym means cartoons. Don’t know why, except that every Saturday I’ve ever worked out, we’ve had cartoons facing the treadmill/elliptical section. The bikes get HGTV, but whatever. So, today the ellipticals are filled (me among them), and a man walks in. He looks at the TV, asks the elliptical workers if we mind a channel change, and then proceeds to change it. He passes over several cartoons, football, assorted commercials, and lands himself on Telemundo. Weird choice, I think, being as how I doubt he’s a native Spanish speaker. He starts to work out. And an infomercial comes on. About prostate problems. Complete with diagrams. Lots of diagrams. And testimonials. From women, too, so I assume the problems were not just ones about tinkling. There was a lot of smiling and nudging going on among the various couples who have had their lives changed by There were also a few shots of a man standing over a toilet shaking his head in obvious pain. I’m guessing he’s the “no pee-peeing” part of the ad. I don’t know if he ever found relief and I’m just torn up about it.

At first, I laughed and waited for the man to change the channel again. Then I looked around to see if anyone else would change the channel but everyone was studiously avoiding eye contact. So after seeing one too many detailed diagrams, I got off my machine (yes, I draped my towel over it first) and changed the channel myself. To the Underarmor All-American High School football game. Anything’s better than prostate problems at 9:00 AM.

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Jody England Hansen said...

Remember the old days when the most embarrassing mixed company commercials were the ones about unnamed feminine products? It was hard to figure out what they were about. Now, all ads are about sex, even prostate meds.