Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Bout a Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I should be making dinner. I have 3 children who will wonder why they’re having cereal if I don’t get off my now-bounteous bottom and start making something. If I liked pizza, we’d order that, but since I only enjoy the homemade stuff, Papa John’s just doesn’t appeal to me. If there were a good Chinese place around, I could order that, too. But for some odd reason, gristle and grease just do not sound like the 2 food groups I’m wanting to eat. What I really want are roasted beets, which I could make if I also felt like moving, which I don’t. And here’s the quandary. Am I more lazy, or more hungry? And why do I not have a personal chef? Is that too much to ask for? I mean, I live in the richest (well, we were) nation in the world, and I can’t even get the simple service of a 4 star chef on demand. Sheesh. Makes one mad enough to move to India. Oh, except the heat. And flies. And crowds. But I’d enjoy the food and the colors and the cook and the cleaner and the…
Besides not wanting to move, I have heart burn. Makes food rather unappealing. Makes me rather unappealing, too, unless a woman who can out-burp any teenage boy seems sexy to you. In which case, please don’t contact me because that is a little disturbing.
Speaking of out-burp, we’ve been invited to an after-work get together at a friend’s house. Now, these are well-mannered people. They’re kind and enjoyable to be around, and they do not scratch inappropriate places nor do they erupt spontaneously—not from any end. Which makes me a bit nervous to be around them right now. I ought to shelter in place rather than push my enormous Exxon-filled cow body onto polite society. Besides, by after-work hours I am no longer the pleasant even-tempered person (ha ha ha) I am during the day. But I really like being with the people my husband works with. What to do, what to do. Besides, if I go to the To Do, I won’t have to cook dinner, which means a whole lot more sitting for me.