Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something Funny Happened...

I thought about leaving the previous post up until someone commented on it, but then something exciting happened. My husband went out of town and I got the stomach flu. So I thought I would share that with you in this private forum. Well, not share the stomach flu. Share the information that I have the stomach flu. Can I just say, and then I'll shut up about it, that making breakfast and getting a kid to an ortho appointment and then 2 kids to school and one kid to art class when you think you can't possibly move your legs one more step rates high on my list of "Stupid Things I've Done That Shouldn't Have Been Done."
Apparently, the phrase "tantric sex" rates high on keyword searches. I think I'll throw it in here just to raise my ratings. But I won't leave you without information: you might try searching "Sting", too. Rumor has it this is one of his things. You're welcome.