Sunday, November 8, 2009


I’m such an idiot. This is not a plea for ego stroking: this is a confession.
Today, I’m standing with 4 people in a small room at church. One woman, who was recently asked to teach music to the children, wanted to know about the woman who plays the piano for the children. I said that the pianist is one of the nicest people I know. But. Oh, the ‘but’. She doesn’t really play well. She’s fine for practice, but she’s not very good, certainly not good enough for performance. The new music leader complained a bit and said that she’d ask for a new pianist because she’s used to having good accompaniment. I replied that this might be something she just has to learn to work with and maybe the pianist will start practicing more because I didn’t know if she actually practiced much.
And several hours later I realized that one of the four people in the very small, very quiet room was (drum roll) the pianist’s father-in-law.
Someone should glue my mouth shut.
The thing is, I know better than to say anything negative about people. I know to shut up if I can’t make it all nice. I could defend myself by saying that the music leader needs to know what she’s working with, but in reality, there is no defense. Here I am, teaching children to be more Christ-like, and I sit around gossiping about someone who is doing a very difficult job, without pay, all because someone asked her to. She didn’t request the job. She didn’t try to sell herself. She just agreed, cheerfully, to sit behind a piano while 60 rowdy children learn songs which they may or may not decide to sing.
Sure, this is a learning moment. I’ve learned that I will never learn, and the family of the pianist can learn to forgive.
Maybe I’ll become a hermit. Hermits don’t have to work with other people. They also don’t have to shower, so I’m well on my way there.


buttercup said...

I'm always afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing. Everyone in my town is realted somehow. Except for me. So I have to try to always say nice things. It isn't always easy.

Barbara Bee said...

I think there is nothing to worry about. That father-in-law is very even headed and there is a time to call a spade a spade.

Jody England Hansen said...

I wish I could say this has never happened to me. I can't even say this has rarely happened to me.