Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She Said

The four year old does not like to be cute. Cute is little kid, and she’s a big sister (when it suits her.) When it comes to getting dressed, getting in bed, or doing chores, she is, of course, still a baby and can’t possibly be expected to do that sort of stuff on her own. However, when she says something cute, no one is allowed to react. If we smile or laugh or tell her she’s adorable, her face turns eggplant purple, veins pop out of her neck and she screeches, “STOP SMILING AT ME! I DON’T LIKE THAT!” Which, of course, makes us smile more. So, in order to pass along the charm of the child before she can read my blog and scream about what I write, I’m posting a brief outline of some of the things that she’s said that have made me smile. But I haven’t let her see me. Because no one wants the cute kid to turn into Damien.

When asked what she’d done that day at preschool: “I drew a picture of a carantula!” (They were studying arachnids and it was tarantula day.)
Practicing the songs for an upcoming performance: “Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the cantaloupe play.”
Working on an online puzzle: “They make these puzzles hard for little Chrissies.” (Okay, that isn't her real name. But this blog is public and I'm old enough to be cautious.)
Unsolicited comment about sleep diapers: “I’ll try to wake up dry.”
Whenever she’s had enough of adults talking she rolls her eyes and says: “Blah blah blah!”
Said to a friend of hers on the way to preschool: “I’m a thinking child.”

Things the 6 year old said when she was 4:
Referring to a penguin movie: “They sweetie me with their penguin ways.”
Having chosen the fabric for her curtains: “I’ve already put all my love into this one.”


buttercup said...

Oh you're kids are too cute. Tessa doesn't like to be called cute wither...she's adorable! And don't you forget it! When she was that age she once said "mom, stop hugging me, you're giving me a hug-ache!"

poopy2poo said...

Oh geeze, I love your children. This made my day.