Friday, August 7, 2009


I couldn’t believe it. The kid was at least 12 and he just marched right into the women’s changing room with his mom and sister. Talking on his cell phone. He sat on a bench like he belonged there. Now, this particular recreation center has 3 changing rooms: men, women and family. Not only had this particular group selected “women” instead of “family”, but the Mom hadn’t even done any recon! No checking to see if there were naked old ladies like me, or blushing young girls like my 10 year old. Understandably, I was furious. Instead of taking matters into my own hands, though, I tattled to the woman at the front desk. She immediately got up to address the situation. And I went home and told all my friends and my husband and would have ranted to strangers in the grocery store if I had actually gone to the grocery store.
Today, when we walked through the front door of the rec center, the front desk lady stopped me. Laughing. Motioning for me to lean closer, she said, “It was a girl.”
“Yup. I walked in there and saw ‘him’ on ‘his’ cell phone and I turned to the mother and said, “He’s a bit old to be in here.” And his mother said to me, “She’s a girl.””
Now, in our defense (front desk lady thought it was a boy, too), her hair was almost shaved, she had on those long baggy basketball shorts and a long baggy t-shirt and tennis shoes with no socks. Now, I know that not every girl wants to wear sparkles and pink. All I’m sayin’ is that if you dress like a boy, wear your hair like a boy, and you have a deep voice (she was on her cell phone, remember), you shouldn’t be surprised when Angry Mom tells Front Desk Lady to get you out of the women’s locker room.
And, gee, I’m glad we’re done with swimming lessons for the year.