Friday, May 1, 2009

Wake Up Call

Our neighbor set off firecrackers last night. Exact time: 1:44 AM. I know this because the middle child came crying into our room. She told me the time between sobs. It’s not as though firecrackers are a gentle way to wake up, you know. Sort of like someone pouring ice water on you.
Here’s the thing. He’s a perfectly normal person, very enjoyable, in fact. He’s in his mid-40’s and he and his family are our best neighbor-friends. I really love them. Or, did, until this. Now, I’m sure he has some sort of rational-to-his-mind explanation. Hal thinks it has something to do with May Day, maybe some war tribute thing. I’m thinking, salute the flag and go back to bed, but don’t set off firecrackers when I’m asleep, thank you very much. And certainly don’t wake up my children. Waking up my children puts you on my “punishable by death” list. Gratefully, it wasn’t the youngest, who, once awake, does not go back to sleep. Ever. If she’d come into our room, I may have suggested she go visit the neighbors. Dumb stupid ceremonial types. Don’t they get enough of the bang-bang on the 4th of July? And what normal person is awake at 1:44 AM, anyway? Go to bed, already. American Idol is over—why stay awake?


Megan said...

LOL!! Jeff is up till 2:00am every night. but he's not setting of fire crackers. Maybe you could ask your neighbor what was going on, I would love to know his explanation.

Big Bahama Mama said...

I thought about the direct approach, then I got all nervous that he'd had a fight with his wife and wanted to tick her off, or that he was "chemically enhanced" and not thinking well, and I didn't want to bring any of those conversations up.

Arlynda said...

Play stupid. "Wow, did you guys here that loud bang last night? It woke us up, I wonder what happened?" Usually it works like a charm, they are given a chance to deny it and you just might be able to get an explanation out of them.