Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take This Job and Shove It

You’ve got to read this. And then come back and post your comments, because I can’t wait to hear if I’m the only one who 1) identifies a certain gender and 2) has a jaw-dropping moment that this occurred during the height of lawyer-layoff season.


The Stevens said...

He obviously does not want his job. Or is so full of himself that he thinks what he has to say is so important that everyone would want to hear his ramblings.

I'm pretty sure it is a guy because the Partner says in his email: "isn't he the first year that s#@! all over Raskopf's victory email?"

Shelly said...

What the Schnitzel??? #1 I wonder if his legal briefs are also completely devoid of capitalization, proper punctuation, and grammar. #2 I agree, that he sounds so completely conceited and self-absorbed he can't even see the problem with his actions. #3 Did I mention "What the Schnitzel?"