Monday, April 27, 2009

Ghost Rider Requesting a Flyby

Whoops. That’s how the White House Military Office responded to a little slipup that sent a Boeing 747 flying so low over New York that people evacuated buildings in a panic. At least the government didn’t send the plane over the Manhattan skyline on Sept. 11. That would have been a double-oops.
Apparently, the plane was on a “top-secret” photo shoot. Just who they were trying to photograph and how they thought a 747 flying between buildings would be kept secret remains to be investigated. Mayor Bloomberg claims to be “furious at not being told”. Senator Schumer spent his press conference screaming at the FAA for not telling New Yorkers of the planned flight-cum-photo-shoot. Does this sound more like jealousy than outrage? “Gosh, golly, why don’t they want a picture of me? I’m pretty, and I’m popular, and I’m running for re-election some day.”
Ms. Garcia-Rose (do you really want to hyphenate that name?), a social worker who counsels patients with post-traumatic stresses, has threatened to file a lawsuit against the government. What an upstanding citizen, looking out for the interests of her patients like that. First of all, I’m pretty sure you can’t sue the government for making a stupid decision. If you could, don’t you think there are better things to sue them over? I’m thinking letting Martin Sheen into the Oval Office would be a start. Nice hair he’s got: smarts maybe not so much. Second, if anyone’s filing a lawsuit, it’s me. Do you know how much jet fuel 747’s use? And to fly it so the government can get pictures of it in the sky? I want my tax money back. I’ll send them a picture of a 747 and they can send me the cost of the fuel. No one runs for cover, no one calls the therapist, the government gets their picture and I get Sven for a day. I can’t see how anyone loses.


Tara said...

Too bad the White House staff don't know about a $500 computer program called Photoshop. It would have saved a lot of money on jet fuel and therapy.

Big Bahama Mama said...

Ah, but if the government had bought it, they would have needed special tools to install it, which would have cost an additional $3.5 million dollars. And that's just for the screwdriver. I guess we can call this an economic recovery plan for therapists?

Irish Cream said...

Speaking of exorbitant costs...
What the heck is up with requesting 1.5 Billion dollars for "dealing with the swine flu". The funds are to be allocated for "transporting stockpiled drugs to make them available; for increasing production of antivirals" and some other nebulous crap.

I mean, really, we don't know if there is even a pandemic, how virulent the strain is, if it is widespread or not, how containable it is... seems like this is yet another knee-jerk reaction at my expense. I won't even go into TARP reform (granted, not something the current administration is entirely responsible for, but he voted for it, right?), or the nearly 1-trillion "stimulus" package. Harrumph.

Maybe they are requesting the money as another back-door means of increasing economic stimulus (more money for drug companies? transportation industries? who knows?)

halsadick said...

You are one president behind. It's Will Smith now.