Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas at Tiffany's

You know how some people think that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I’m thinkin’ a maid and a personal chef, but whatever.
So I’m browsing through the Tiffany & Co. catalogue (gotta wonder how we wound up on that mailing list) and I notice a bangle. For all you wrong-chromosome people, that means a hard, skinny bracelet. Anyway, of course it’s a diamond bangle. (It’s on page 2 of the cat, in case you’re following along.) You have a choice of 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, or 18k gold. For $5,800. Each. And no one wears just one bangle.
Now, if you’re pinching pennies and can’t afford to get your gal 3 diamond studded bangles, you can go for the cheaper Tiffany Blue version, sans diamonds, for a mere $450. Nothing says class like advertising for Tiffany. If you’re really cheap, you can get her the “I love you” version, retailing for $325.
And don’t think you can shop at JC Penney, stick the bangles in a blue box, and fool your beloved. We’re born knowing Tiffany, even those of us who never actually shop there.
For her birth, our middle child got a silver cup from Tiffany. In case you haven’t bought baby gifts there, it happens to be one of the cheapest things in the place. I know because I tried to return it. Honestly, like I hate my kids enough to make them polish their own silver cups, especially at such a tender age. I found out that for the $45 cup I could get, say, another silver cup. Tiffany boxes run pricier than the mug. So, we kept it. She’s never used it, but I did let her hold it for a couple of seconds before she tossed it across the room. $45, and the child uses it to play “fetch”. Either she has no shame, or her tastes lean toward the bangle-price range, as opposed to the camping mug price range. It’s in a box taking up precious space in my basement. I’ll give it to her when she goes to college: it’ll be great for pan handling.

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BlueSkiesBreaking said...

I walk by Tiffany's every time I go to The Galleria because it's the closest door to the outside. I usually walk to The Galleria, so I'm all sweaty and in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. That's when I realize I couldn't go in even if I wanted to. Needless to say, I think they see me coming and "pretend" to close the store. They can just tell I couldn't even afford the silver cup.