Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shock and Awe

“Dad, what’re those things next to your peanut?”
“And they make babies?”
“They help make babies.”
“I don’t have testicles.”
“I have a vagina.”
We’ve gathered in the bedroom before school, hanging out with Hal as he gets dressed, and I’ve just learned that my daughter has changed “penis” into “peanut.” This is how nicknames develop, I think to myself.
The 3 year old continues her line of questioning.
“What’s that for?” she asks, pointing at the flap in Hal’s undies.
I answer. “That’s a pocket for his peanuts.”
She corrects me. “Peanut, not peanuts. There’s only one.” Ah, how silly of me. I’m hoping we can continue this conversation for a long time. We’re about to head to the gym, and the babysitters love it when children talk about anatomical parts. ‘Course, they probably won’t get the whole “peanut” thing, but she says “vagina” so you can’t mistake it. I’ve found that most people get fidgety and walk away when someone says that word, so I teach it to my kids as early as possible. I also allow them to talk about it wherever they want (not that I could stop them, anyway) because I enjoy the looks we get at the grocery store, church, after picking them up from playdates…


Arlynda said...

Yes, I recall your now 5 year old, maybe she is six now, informing my now five year old that my baby was not in my belly, but in my uterus. They were three and four at the time. Way to be anatomically correct, I admire it.

Megan said...

I have a friend that loves the word vagina and says it when ever she gets the chance. I think she could have a very nice chat with your children. Yes, I am one of those people that get fidgety. I can't help it.

Arlynda said...

actually, they were two and three, it was late I was tired.

The Stevens said...

how funny. at least they are well informed!

Adam said...

Amazing. Just amazing. I think I'm going to start calling mine "peanut" too.

poopy2poo said...

Yes, I have very found memories about your children informing me about my vagina and breasts. I must say that I have never felt that awkward in my life, though now, the word vagina gives me endless giggly pleasure (and yes, this is and 18 year old girl talking). Wow.