Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lick This

I licked an envelope 2 days ago and thought I would die. It tasted like vomit. I actually had to eat chocolate to counteract the stomach acid taste.
Hallmark, on the other hand, does it right. I lick those envelopes just for fun. I get every little bit, and then I lick again just for good measure.
It’s the no-calorie treat.
There’s a thing on Food Network right now, Throw Down with Bobby Flay. Chicken Waffles. Seriously. Fried chicken on top of savory waffles with flavored butter on top. I’m thinking they must be scraping the bottom to have a throw down with food like that. I know how to win. Take the chicken off, make the waffles the normal way, add lots of Grade A Amber syrup from Maine and ya esta. Perfect waffles, no nasty creative stuff happening. Waffles=good. Fried chicken=good. Fried chicken waffles=nasty envelope taste that will only drive me to the chocolate again.


BlueSkiesBreaking said...

(spoken with a twang)Down here in the south you can never go wrong with chicken. (In my own voice)Or fried anything. Or waffles. What I'm saying is that in order to understand Throwdown with Bobby Flay you must channel your inner southerner. Or continue to think like the sane Northwesterner you are. ;o)

halsadick said...

Hey blueskies, I thought you were from Logan. Are you from the South now?

Alecia said...

I watched that same Throw Down and thought they both lost for making something so yucky sounding