Monday, September 22, 2008

Kanye and I Go Home

Have you heard it? It makes me weep. I have it on now: Kanye West and Chris Martin crooning “Homecoming.” You can Youtube it if you want to emote with me.
I could tell you that it reminds me of my teenage years, growing up in Cabrini Green, wishing I could afford to do more than window shop while the Oprah-ites walked around L.S.D. in Manolos. Actually, I grew up in a rather affluent part of an affluent suburb that boasts a mall the size of Delaware and an Ikea. Not exactly good for my gangsta image. In fact, I’d never heard Chicago referred to as “Cha-city” until Hal, also very pale but not from Chicago, emailed the song. I did spend time downtown, but like a vampire I left as soon as it began getting light. And always in a car. Well, almost always. Once, I got out of a friend’s car at an intersection and began walking home because he kept using a no-no word. At least, I think I was headed home. Don’t worry. He apologized by the next intersection, which saved me a minimum of 29 miles.
True Confessions time: I did not live in the Chicagoland area for long. 2 ½ years. But they were formative years. I fell in love for the first time, graduated from High School, learned to drive. I also joined PETA and wrote letters to free Nelson Mandela, for which I am STILL waiting for a thank you card.
I sometimes think I’m from Spain. I spent some time there and fell in love again, this time with a whole culture. You gotta respect women who can walk on cobblestone streets for miles wearing handmade Italian heels. I wore tennis shoes, because I’m American and I can, but there’s something appealing about dressing from Vogue to walk around the block.
Other times, I feel like a Bostonian. I’m comfortable without people in my business. I enjoy the anonymity, the vaguely irritable nature of the people who, underneath that exterior, have enough spit and vinegar to stick it out in a climate that scares most beach babes. I’m happy in sweaters, especially when those sweaters come from organic farms, handknit by a local artisan. ‘Course, at those prices, you can only have one.
I never felt like I belonged in Houston. How does one belong there? I had a friend I love dearly, a home I wish I could have brought with me, and an HOA that regularly sent me nasty letters—all the things that make a suburban housewife’s life exciting. But, after one evacuation and the births of my 2 youngest, I still didn’t feel bad about leaving for good.
And here? I love here. I can do all the things I love, with people I love, and I see myself sending down roots that, I hope, will hold us here.
So, what about you? Where are you from?


Alecia said...

Isn't it said that "Home is where the heart is" So, I guess I am home wherever the ones I love are. Cliche, yes but true.

buttercup said...

I will always call Chicago home. I was born there--moved away--did Kindergarten & 1st grade--then moved again--came back in 6th grade and essentially lived there until I was married. (I also met my best friend in Chicago;))I 'm not sure if I will EVER call Utah home, even if I end up here longer than Chicago. My second home--France--what I wouldn't give to go back!

BlueSkiesBreaking said...

I answered your question but you'll have to read my blog to get the answer. =o)

halsadick said...

I think I am from Idaho Falls. That's where most of my happy childhood memories are. That's also where my teenage rebellion began. Eventually, I think I will be from Colorado. Other places I have lived: Heise Hot Springs, St. George, Salt Lake, Brazil, Boston, Pittsburgh, Houston, Denver.

Places I have visited where I could be very happy for an extended period of time: Gloucester (MA), Hawaii, South Beach, Bar Harbor (ME), Vancouver, Oregon coast, NYC, Spain.

Places I have visited where I doubt I could stand it for long: Dallas, D.C., Philadelphia, Newark, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Vegas.

Places I really really really want to visit: India, England, Japan, China, Switzerland.

Migaloo said...

I'd make you go to my blog, but that was a dismal failure now wasn't it?

When people ask, I still say I'm from the burbs of Chitown. (Sorry, Cha-whatever doesn't work for me. At least Chris Martin saves the song. Yeah, that's right, no gangsta here.) Spent 12 of my first 20 formative years braving that windchill, and officially called it home until I got married, just shy of 24. Qualifies as a majority and as such it rules. Can't say that I loved it, though, and would have to be in a tough spot, or receive a tremendously lucrative offer to consider raising my family there. Still, it was good for me, especially the last stint. So maybe it would be good for them. On ne sais jamais.

So I will always consider myself a transplant, but I'm okay with calling myself a Utah boy when the mood suits me. I've physically lived here continuously for sixteen years. The previous record was a five-year stint on the South Side that ended after kindergarten. My clearest memories are of me splitting my head open on the concrete steps of Barnard Elementary, and my big brother chasing down the bully in my class so he could open up a can of "so-I-caught-him,-what-do-i-do-now?" on him.

Megan said...

You have been all over and well me, my choice of homes range from Provo, Ut. to Ogden, Ut. And Many homes in between. My home is were my family is at. The majority live in Utah so that's my home.

Arlynda said...

Where am I from? I dunno. Houston, well you know how I feel about Houston. Is was far less exciting without you there. I haven't been here for long enough to really have roots, but eventually I'm sure I'll say I'm from MD. I usually tell people that I'm from Utah, but I don't know how true that is, I feel no desire to go back, no matter how beautiful Logan is. Can you call such a place home? I'm going to have to think about this some more...

Tara said...

I'm from Texas. I grew up in Fort Worth and lived in Houston. I consider Houston to be my home. I guess because I became the woman God wanted me to be (and once I got there, I was ok with it). In fact, I didn't want to move to Houston, but I had to because of work. But after living in H-town, I would vote for H-town over D/FW in their rivalry any day. I am currently living in Romania with my husband. I wanted to make Romania my home, but the in-laws have made our lives so miserable, I hate Romania (and Romanian culture). Once the federal government gets off its collective butts and processes his visa petition, the husband and I will be moving to Houston (of course).

The Stevens said...

I am from Orem Utah, but I don't love it there, I love logan.

Places I've lived: MA, PA, KY, Indiana, Ecuador.

And if we are including places we've been and would live and consider home, I would like to adopt my mom's hometown of SanDiego California, it is beautiful, nice, never boring, and did I mention stunning.

If I must claim where I'm from really, I will sa7 Logan a hundreds time over Orem. People here are nicer, down to earth, and diversified more that other Utah cities can claim.

for the record, I have hard feelings towards Kanye because he acts like a baby at awards shows when he loses, but I love Chris martin.