Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ties that Bind

Half way through our 2 week long family vacation, the 5 year old says, “I’m just so sick of being with my family. I need to see someone else!” Tempting though it was, I did not put a sign around her neck and leave her at the closest on-ramp. Next time we go on a family vacation, we’re doing an all-inclusive thing, where we don’t actually have to see each other. I hear Disney cruises are good for that.
This is the same child who told me she wants me dead. In the middle of a book, she said, “I want to be an orphan.” Instead of bursting into tears, which was my first reaction, I tried to find out what I had done that would cause such angst in my child. “Because orphans get all the candy they want.” Ah. Apparently, the worst part about having a mother is the whole limiting-of-the-junk-food aspect.
First day of school this week. All the other kindergartners hung out with their parents until the teacher walked them inside, most of them unwillingly. Not mine. She walked right up to her teacher and only occasionally glanced back at me, with annoyance, I think. And after class, as I waited close to tears from missing her, when all the other children ran with open arms to their parents, my child sauntered out of the room, stopping about 15 yards from me. Thinking she didn’t see me, I started waving frantically. She looked at me, but since she didn’t move I thought she still hadn’t seen me. I added a little hop to my waving.
“Oh, hi, baby,” she said to her 2 year old sister who had grabbed her around the legs. Looking back at me, she turned half away and started talking to the favored one, asking how her day went, etc. For this I went through labor? So the mountain went to Mohamed in about 3 strides, grabbed her in a hug and refused to let go until the hug was returned, however begrudgingly. Just to get even, I’ve met her outside her door every single day this week. A little less self-confidence and a little more co-dependency would be appreciated, thank you very much.


Megan said...

This is not as humourous as your previous posts. It actually quite sad. =(. let's hope it's just a stage.

Callisto said...

Do I need to shake (*gently*) some sense into that lil' rascal? (kidding, kidding) ..I'm thinking this is the middle child right? I hope eventually she realizes how awesome her mom is :D

Callisto said...

Hey have you checked out my quiz? Sophomoric it may be but I still like to see what people pick.

NotreDame Bailey's said...

First day of Kindergarten, *gulp*
Your #2 has always been very independent and had a strong sense of who she is. I guess that now means she doesn't need mom- for her first day of kindergarten or for family vacations! I'm glad to know that you are such an awesome mom to have a daughter so well loved she knows you'll be there and she doesn't have to cling to you.

Sorry you took second place to baby sis, though.

halsadick said...

"I added a little hop to my waving." Pure pathos.

The Stevens said...

my three year old sounds very similar to your five year old. She is more excited about running to a perfect stranger than running to me.

I agree with what notredame said.