Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Diet

I’m reporting to Hal the NPR story of the attempted attack on our embassy in Turkey. To quote the military, “It’s too early to speculate on the reason for the attack.” Well, gee, Wally, whatever you say. Ever the out-of-the-box-thinker, Hal says, “They’re mad because “Friends” was cancelled.” Wow. I mean, the show was good, but was it worth all the effort: getting guns, wearing a coat in Turkey in the summer, driving a beat up car, not to mention the whole getting killed thing… I’m thinking a few complaint letters would have gone further.
For my part, I avoid such disappointment by not watching TV. Before you think I’ve gone all Montana-ranch, gingham-shirt-and-jean-skirt weird on you, let me explain. I’m not organized enough to watch TV regularly. But when I get there, I am lazy enough to sit down and watch an entire season of, say, “Arrested Development”, gracias a Netflix.
I always thought kids who weren’t allowed to watch TV were bizarre. They did things like macramé and homework. Lame. Now that I’m a parent of three precious, pure angels, I’ve got to say that if it weren’t for the whole babysitting factor, I’d be sorely tempted to run an axe down the middle of our big black box. That and, oh, yah, I really really like the mindlessness of it all. Sure, we watch History Channel and PBS, but nothing beats a good episode of “Psych” or “No Reservations” (Anthony Bourdain, not the silver-screen flick). I’m considering upping our membership at Netflix to 6 DVD’s at a time. Just how long can I go without using my brain at all? I’ve had a lot of practice, so I’m betting it could be a solid month before I have to focus on anything of substance.


The Stevens said...

even though we've never met, sometimes I feel like you are writing straight out of my journal (that is if I was organized enough to write a journal, and if I were much wittier...)

Anyway, love my weekly dose of comedy from your blog.

Big Bahama Mama said...

Okay, you are definitely one of my favorite people.

Byron said...

Try 'Dexter.' But not with the kids in the room!!!